Winners of Elias Tillandz Prize 2004

In the context of the 15th BioCity Symposium (August 25-26, 2005) the first Elias Tillandz prize for the best scientific paper published in Turku 2004 was awarded to

Elina Mattila, Teijo Pellinen, Jonna Nevo, Karoliina Vuoriluoto, Antti Arjonen and Johanna Ivaska
Negative regulation of EGFR signalling through integrin-a1b1-mediated activation of protein tyrosine phosphatase TCPTP.
Published in Nature Cell Biology


Pengpeng Zhang, Natalia Battchikova, Tove Jansen, Jens Appel, Teruo Ogawa and Eva-Mari Aro
Expression and functional roles of the two distinct NDH-1 complexes and the carbon acquisition complex NdhD3/NdhF3/CupA/SII1735 in Synechocystis sp PCC 6803.
Published in The Plant Cell