BioCity symposium

33rd BioCity Symposium: Unleashing the Power of Metabolism

29–30 August 2024
Mauno Koivisto Centre, BioCity, Turku, Finland

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The 33rd BioCity Symposium will cover metabolism at many levels, from cellular to organismal. Particular focus will be on the interplay of metabolism with other physiological systems such as immune system, gut microbiome, and how such interplay may lead to disease. Some of the Symposium themes include immunometabolism, cancer metabolism, neurometabolism, mechanisms of energy balance, molecular nutrition, and metabolic imprinting.


Jingyuan Fu, University Medical Center Groningen, the Netherlands
Amalia Gastaldelli, Institute of Clinical Physiology, CNR, Italy
Norman Haughey, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, USA
Ville Hietakangas, University of Helsinki, Finland
Henrik Munch Roager, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Luke O’Neill, Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute; Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Anu Suomalainen Wartiovaara, University of Helsinki, Finland
Raffaele Teperino, Helmholtz Munich, Germany
Craig B. Thompson, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, USA
Claudio Vernieri, IFOM Milan, Italy
Antonio Vidal-Puig, University of Cambridge, UK

Organizing committee

Matej Orešič (chair)
Alex Dickens
Kati Hanhineva
Noora Kotaja
Pia Rantakari
Jukka Westermarck

Original artwork by Richard Barnes 2024: “Gut feeling”