Research Programs

BioCity Turku research programs strengthen the multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research collaboration within the Turku campus. BioCity Turku research programs are composed of several active research groups representing different research units, faculties, hospitals and/or universities.

The research programs for 2022-2026 are

BioMed: Biomaterials and Medical Devices Research Program
(Chairs: Sufyan Garoushi, Chunlin Xu)

CellCom: Cell Communication Research Program
(Chairs: Annika Meinander, Emilia Peuhu)

CompLifeSci: Computational and Molecular Methodologies for Life Sciences
(Chairs: Leo Lahti, Tiina Salminen)

Field of View: Turku Biological and Medical Imaging Research Program
(Chairs: Pasi Kankaanpää, Jiri Funda)

MIRP: Microbes and Immunity Research Program
(Chairs: Jukka Hytönen, Arto Pulliainen)

MIST: The Multiverse of Immune System
(Chairs: Pia Rantakari, Laura Elo, Tapio Lönnberg)

SmartBIO: Advanced Bioresources and Smart Bioproducts – Towards Sustainable Bioeconomy
(Chairs: Yagut Allahverdiyeva-Rinne, Henrik Grénman)

TREMENDO: Etiology, Prevention and Treatment of Metabolic, Endocrine and Developmental Disorders
(Chairs: Noora Kotaja, Katja Pahkala)


These web pages will be updated to include more details about the research programs. Meanwhile more information is available from

Klaus Elenius, BioCity Turku, Scientific Director,, 050 5142 307
Maija Lespinasse, BioCity Turku, Coordinator,, 040 5658 654