Winner of Elias Tillandz prize 2017

In the context of the 28th BioCity Symposium (August 23-24, 2018), the fourteenth Elias Tillandz prize for the best scientific paper published in Turku in 2017 was awarded to

Justin Guinney, Tao Wang, Teemu D Laajala, Kimberly Kanigel Winner, J Christopher Bare, Elias Chaibub Neto, Suleiman A Khan, Gopal Peddinti, Antti Airola, Tapio Pahikkala, Tuomas Mirtti, Thomas Yu, Brian M Bot, Liji Shen, Kald Abdallah, Thea Norman, Stephen Friend, Gustavo Stolovitzky, Howard Soule, Christopher J Sweeney, Charles J Ryan, Howard  I Scher, Oliver Sartor, Yang Xie, Tero Aittokallio, Fang LizZhou, James C Costello and the Prostate Cancer Challenge DREAM Community
Prediction of overall survival for patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer: development of a prognostic model through a crowdsourced challenge with open clinical trial data.
Published in The Lancet Oncology


Johanna Lilja, Thomas Zacharchenko, Maria Georgiadou, Guillaume Jacquemet, Nicola De Franceschi, Emilia Peuhu, Hellyeh Hamidi,  Jeroen Pouwels, Victoria Martens, Fatemeh Hassani Nia, Malte Beifuss, Tobias Boeckers, Hans-Juergen Kreienkamp, Igor L. Barsukov and Johanna Ivaska
SHANK proteins limit integrin activation by directly interacting with Rap1 and R-Ras.
Published in Nature Cell Biology