Introduction to research groups for MSc students 2024, register by 18 December 2023

The annual Introduction to research groups -event is organized for both domestic as well as international MSc degree students in the field of medicine in 12 January 2024 at 12-14 in Alhopuro lecture hall, in Medisiina D. Research groups are invited to present their current research and possible internship and/or thesis projects in short 15 min presentations live on campus at the University of Turku (online-streamed) or as pre-recorded presentations shared through closed Moodle-area. 

The event and the Moodle-are will be promoted to MSc students from (bio)medicine-related MSc programmes from the University of Turku as well as Åbo Akademi University, providing excellent possibilities for cross-disciplinary projects for students.

The registration for research groups starts on Wednesday November 29th and closes on Thursday December 18th:

The actual event is arranged 12 January 2024 at 12-15 in Alhopuro lecture hall. If you are a student and wish to participate to the event, please register here:

For more information contact

Thank you in advance!