Instruct-ERIC upcoming activities

Make the most of Instruct-ERIC in your work and research. Instruct-ERIC is a pan-European distributed research infrastructure making high-end technologies and methods in structural biology available to users. Read more:

The Instruct-ERIC funded access call for researchers in the member countries and organisations will reopen 8 January.
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Services in Finland:

The 29th Structure Meets Function Webinar from Instruct-FR1 will take place 23 January. Register on the website
Speaker 1: Katia Zanier – Université de Strasbourg
Title: Mechanism of IKK kinase-substrate docking in NF-kB signaling
Speaker 2: Konstantin Brodolin – Université de Montpellier
Title: Regulation of transcription via RNA polymerase oligomerization

Biennial Instruct-ERIC Conference take place again in 2024. Make sure you register before spaces run out. For researchers working in Finland, the registration fee is 150€ including the gala dinner.
There are also Biennial 2024 Student Fellowships

The Instruct Internship Programme funds research visits of 3-6 months duration to Instruct Centres in Europe. The next internship call will open in 2024.

R&D Pilot Project Awards for small scale pilot research projects in integrated structural biology with a focus on technology development. The next call will open in 2024.