Funding decisions for BioCity Turku Collaborative Research Funding Call 2024

Awarded projects have been chosen. Congratulations!
We are looking forward to hear more from these ideas.

BioCity Turku Collaborative Research Funding Call 2024 awarded projects

Aatsinki, Anna 9400€
Annual Microbiota-Gut-Brain Axis Seminar

Hofmann, Julian 10000€
Establishment of a Single-Cell Proteomics Pipeline for Immune Cells

Kauko, Otto 10000€
Super-resolution mass spectrometry imaging

Kleino, Iivari 10000€
Workshop and resource for high-resolution cell annotation in single-cell RNAseq data

Klen, Riku 10000€
Comprehensive Turku preclinical PET/CT image database (RAT-PET)

Lahti, Leo 5000€
New annual training and networking event for microbiome researchers

Pylvänäinen, Joanna 4550€
From image to graph – analysis of imaging data workshop

Tokic, Dado 8000€
Turku Imaging Day – bringing together imaging scientists, students, and enthusiasts in Turku