What is Change Workshop and Symposium


December 2, 2023 - December 4, 2023    
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
What is Change Workshop and Symposium

December 2nd–3rd AND 4th
On-site event
Location tba AND Raatihuone, Turku

Symposium and workshop on complex systems dynamics for arts and sciences

WORKSHOP: Saturday-Sunday 2nd-3rd of December, Turku (location TBA)
SYMPOSIUM: Monday 4th of December, 12.00-17.00, Raatihuone, Turku
Sign up: https://blogs.helsinki.fi/hatresearch/



Why do ideas and fashion style evolve, new strains of viruses emerge, ecosystems collapse and re-assemble, industries rise and decline, civilisations arise, prosper and go extinct?

We are living an era of instability. Our climate, ecosystems, societies and cultures are in a constant state of change. Yet, this is not always easy to perceive. To understand these processes, we use metaphors such as social networks, evolutionary trees or epidemic waves. But can we mix and match these metaphors across fields of research?

What is change symposium brings together artists and scientists from fields of biology, paleontology, economics, linguistics, sociology and musicology to share perspectives and discuss patterns of change in complex systems. We also host a student workshop for fruitful science-art collaboration for better understanding of patterns of change. See details in blogs.helsinki.fi/hatresearch


Symposium programme highlights

Tim Coulson, University of Oxford, Department of Biology
All the change that had to happen to go from the Big Bang to you and me with a focus on the evolution bit.

Sonja Vogt, University of Lausanne, Department of Sociology
Social tipping our way – or maybe not – to some kind of future

Nicolas Baird, Institute of Queer Ecology & Columbia University
Mutability + Mutualism

Leo Lahti, University of Turku, Department of Computing
Memory in complex systems and the paradox of change

Björn Kröger, University of Helsinki, Museum of Natural History
Extinction and the deep time of death

Aura Raulo, University of Turku, Department of Computing
A catalogue of metaphors for change

The HAT-group
Understanding patterns of rise and decline across systems

Välissä-group contemporary dance performance SAMA

Pop-up photo exhibition: How subjective is our perception of change?
Curated by Juuso Valli