Receptor seminar: SUMO Rules


May 17, 2018    
10:00 am


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Dr. Andrea Pichler, Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics Freiburg, Germany

Those who would like to discuss with Dr. Pichler on Thursday, May 17th or Friday, May 18th, please contact Lea Sistonen (,, 02-2153311, 050-4013513)


Dr. Pichler is a true pioneer in SUMO research. Before becoming a PI at the Max Planck Institute in Freiburg, Germany, she was post-doc in the group of Frauke Melchior who is the Mother of SUMO – Note that Frauke Melchior is this year¹s recipient of the FEBS/EMBO Women in Science Award:

Dr. Pichler has made several important discoveries of the enzymatic conjugation mechanisms and structural features of the components of the SUMO machinery.


Selected publications:

PICHLER A, Fatouros C, Lee H, Eisenhardt N. 2017. SUMO conjugation – a mechanistic view. Biomol. Concepts 8:13-36.

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