Lifespan seminar: Heterogenous gestational diabetes and other findings from recent studies


November 6, 2018    
12:15 pm - 1:15 pm


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Saila Koivusalo Heterogenous gestational diabetes and other findings from recent studies

Host: Kirsi Laitinen (

Coffee and cookies served at 12.00

Saila Koivusalo is a specialist in gynecology and obstetrics in Helsinki Finland and her scientific enthusiasm is in studies concerning the effects of maternal, lifestyle and environmental factors during pregnancy on short- and long-term health of both a mother and a child. In 2008 she initiated the RADIEL intervention study (The Finnish gestational diabetes prevention study) and their research group showed that GDM can be prevented by lifestyle intervention in high GDM risk group, and intervention also reduced the incidence of impaired glucose regulation during the first postpartum year.

Today 5 years follow- up studies of RADIEL are still ongoing, and she also has some new projects to start up. The new projects are related e.g. to eHealth in treatment of GDM and maternal obesity.

Selected publications

  1. Koivusalo S, Stach-Lempinen B, Rönö K, Eriksson JG On behalf of RADIEL group. Prevention of gestational diabetes through lifestyle intervention: Intervention data of a Finnish randomized controlled multicenter trial (RADIEL). Diabetes Care 2016, 39:24-30.
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  3. Huvinen E, Koivusalo SB, Meinilä J, Valkama A, Tiitinen A, Rönö K, Kautiainen H, Stach-Lempinen B, Eriksson JG. Effects of a lifestyle intervention during pregnancy and first postpartum year – Findings from the RADIEL study. JCEM 2018; 103:1669-1677.