Immunology Seminar: Vivianne Malmström


October 10, 2023    
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

October 10th at 14:00
Virtual event

Vivianne Malmström, Karolinska Institutet
Lymphocyte repertoires and antigen specificities in rheumatoid arthritis
Host: Riitta Lahesmaa ( )

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Immunology seminar series is jointly organised by the Finnish Society for Immunology, InFLAMES Flagship and Turku Bioscience. For further information contact Anne Lahdenperä ( or Riitta Lahesmaa (, University of Turku.


Professor Vivianne Malmström leads research group at Karolinska Institutet at the Department of Medicine, Division of Rheumatology. The Malmström research group focuses on studying the malfunctioning adaptive immune system in patients with rheumatic disease. The prototype disease under investigation is rheumatoid arthritis, but we also study SLE, ANCA-vasculitis and myositis. They strive to understand both the magnitude and ‘flavour’ of the underlying autoimmunity in the different disease settings. Their approaches span from cellular immunology and structural biochemistry to single cell transcriptomics.


Selected publications

Joshua V, Loberg-Haarhaus M*, Hensvold A*, Wähämaa H, Gerstner C, Hansson M, Israelsson L, Stålesen R, Sköld M, Grunewald J, Grönwall C, Klareskog L, Rethi B, Catrina AI and Malmström V. Rheumatoid arthritis specific autoimmunity in the lung before, and at, onset of disease. 2023 Arthritis Rheumatol PMID: 37192126

Turcinov S, af Klint E, van Schoubroeck B, Kouwenhovenn A, Sohel MM, Chemin K, Wils H, van Hove C, de Bondt A, Keustermans K, van Houdt J, Reumers J, Felix N, Rao NL, Peters P, Steveneart F, Klareskog L, McKinnon M, Baker D, Suri A, Malmström V. Diversity and clonality of T cell receptor repertoire and antigen specificities in small joints of early RA. 2023 Arthritis Rheum 75:673-684 PMID: 36409582

Hardt U, Carlberg K, af Klint E, Sahlström P, Larsson L, van Vollenhoven A, Hernandez Machado S, Israelsson L, Amara K, Chemin K, Korotkova M, Karlsson-Hedestam G, Catrina AI, Teichmann SA, Ståhl P and Malmström V. Integrated single cell and spatial transcriptomics reveal autoreactive differentiated B cells in joints of early rheumatoid arthritis 2022 Sci Rep 12:11876 PMID: 35831338