Frontiers of Science: Exposing molecular transformers in organelles at atomic resolution by cryo-EM


September 6, 2018    
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


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Dr. Alexey Amunts, Stockholm University, Sweden

Host: Paula Mulo (


Dr Alexey Amunts has focused on the fundamental question of how proteins are synthesized, folded and assembled into functional multicomponent membrane complexes that drive the cellular energy production by applying cryo-EM visualisation of bioenergetic complexes.

The research group of Dr. Amunts has determined cryo-EM structures of the human mitoribosome with mRNA, tRNAs and translation activators in 8 different functional states, and they have revealed unique mechanisms of mRNA binding, tRNA translocation and assembly regulation. They have also determined structures of the chlororibosome with translation factors that revealed divarication of the exit tunnel and experimental evidence for convergent evolution of ribosomes from chloroplasts and mitochondria. These studies showed that protein synthesis machineries in organelles have adopted intricate compositions and unique tasks, adding incredible complexity to the records. The achieved understanding of the architecture of these specialized systems provides now a framework to study even more sophisticated questions regarding the assembly and evolution mechanisms of the critical bioenergetic membranes that fuel life.


Selected publications

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