FoS: Exploring molecular mechanisms in biological energy conversion


October 12, 2017    
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


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Prof. Ville Kaila, Department of Chemistry, Technical University of Munich, Germany

Host: Paula Mulo

Description of research:

The research of Prof. Ville Kaila is focused on enzymatic and biomimetic catalysts for energy conversion. These processes are studied in respiratory and photosynthetic enzymes, but also in non-biological systems such as water-splitting molecular catalysts and molecular capsules. Prof. Kaila applies and develops powerful computational methodology ranging from ab initio quantum chemical techniques, hybrid quantum mechanics/classical mechanics (QM/MM) and subsystems methods, to large-scale classical molecular dynamics simulations, free-energy and continuum approaches.

Prof. Kaila will describe his recent work on the respiratory Complex I, and he will discuss how combination of experiments and multi-scale molecular simulations can provide a powerful methodology to obtain a molecular-level understanding of the structure, energetics, and dynamics of energy-capturing proteins, and how such methods can further be employed to engineer and design new proteins with desired target functions.

Selected publications:

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