BioCity Turku collaborative research funding call 2023

BioCity Turku opens a funding call for researchers belonging to BioCity Turku research programs. The funding is intended for truly new openings promoting research on emerging topics in molecular life sciences and biomedicine. At least two research programs should participate in the project and the project needs to include interdisciplinary approaches. Especially early-career researchers are encouraged to apply, and part of the funding is ear marked for projects and ideas coming from younger researchers. The funded projects/ideas are also encouraged to organize training or lectures, which are open for BioCity Turku researchers and graduate students.   

  • Funding maximum is 10 000 €. Funding period is April–December 2023. All received funding must be used during 2023 according to University of Turku financial rules. Using of the funding needs to be reported in January 2024.
  • Funding is intended for consumables, services and small instruments. Expenses of visiting lecturers can be covered. Grants or salary can be paid in special cases only if the University of Turku rules and guidelines allow it.
  • The funding can partially cover costs for purchasing some larger instrument, but due to depreciation rules (poistot) the full price for one equipment must be under 15 000 € (excl. VAT).
  • BioCity Turku research programs will cross-evaluate the applications and the result will be announced on BioCity Turku web pages during April 2023.
  • Application period is 7-24 March 2023

One-page application as .pdf must include

  • Clarification of the novelty of the research idea. Already-running research work or projects will not be funded.
  • Explanation how the idea benefits bigger researcher community
  • Preliminary actions and budget
  • Research groups and research programs involved in the project
  • Contact person

Send your application at latest Friday 24 March 2023 at 16:00 (CET +1) to

More information about the funding call from:

BioCity Turku Scientific director Klaus Elenius
BioCity Turku coordinator Maija Lespinasse