BioCity Symposium is approaching – register to the event at latest 11 August 2022

Registration to BioCity Symposium is open until 11 August 2022. BioCity Symposium is one of the most important meetings in Turku region for researchers working in the fields of bio- and molecular medicine. This year the event is arranged together with InFLAMES Flagship with title Solution is in Immunity.

This two-day event starts on 25 August 2022 by listening to Sir Peter J. Ratcliffe telling about his 2019 Nobel-awarded hypoxia research on how cells sense and adapt to oxygen availability.

Since the event is arranged in collaboration with InFLAMES Flagship, several excellent immunologists have been invited to Turku. Among them is Stanford University professor Eugen Butcher, as well as La Jolla Institute of Immunology professor Anjana Rao. At the end of the first symposium day is a short panel discussion about the role of biotech in the development of new medicines, where Eugene Butcher together with local experts will share their knowledge with the audience.

BioCity Symposium is directed to researchers interested in molecular, structural and cell biology and biomedicine, as well as for clinicians working both at the academia and industry. Significant part of the audience are PhD and post doc researchers.

BioCity Symposium is arranged by BioCity Turku, which is an organization supporting and coordinating research on life sciences and molecular medicine in University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University. The visual image of the event is based on the artwork by Hanna Jaakola called Elämän valtameri (Ocean of life).

BioCity Symposium has long traditions and this year’s event is already 31st in a row.

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