Let´s Antihassle! Time Management Masterclass


December 19, 2023    
1:00 pm - 2:15 pm
Let´s Antihassle! Time Management Masterclass

December 19th at 13:00-14:15
On-site event
Alhopuro Auditorium, Medisiina D

The help is near! CellCom brings you Anna Perho’s Antihassle-masterclass with practical tools for better time management on Tuesday 19th December at 13:00-14:15 in the Alhopuro auditorium (Medisiina D) followed by networking with refreshments and snacks in the Medisiina D lobby. More info about the class below!

Please register to the event by 11.12. (maximum 120 participants) through this link: https://survey.abo.fi/lomakkeet/16053/lomake.html


Let´s Antihassle! Take Control of your Calendar

Anna Perho’s Antihassle-masterclass gives super practical tools for better time management. The antihassle model is based on values management since that’s the core of time management: the way your calendar looks the way off your carrier and live lies.

By attending the master class you will get:

  • a clear model for evaluating your calendar
  • practical tools for feeling less busy and more in control
  • some good questions to work with: if you are not confident with how you are using your time right now what would you like to see instead?
  • A peek of your core values: what is it that you actually would like to spend your time with?

Anna has written several business and self-help books and she also hosts Elämänkoulu (The school of life) podcast. The masterclass is based on her bestselling book Antisäätäjä.

IG @annaperho
Podcast: Elämänkoulu


More information about the event from Annika Meinander and Emilia Peuhu