IPP Symposium: The Ligand Matters


November 24, 2023    
8:00 am - 12:30 pm
IPP Symposium: The Ligand Matters

November 24th at 12:00
On-site only
Aistikattila, Flavoria, Medisiina C124



8.00-8.25          Refreshments

8.25-8.30          Welcome words, Matti Poutanen


Chair Petra Sipilä

8.30-9.15          Androgen action in breast cancer, Wayne Tilley, Adelaide Medical School, Australia

9.15-9.30          Sex steroid profiling by LC-MS/MS; Ilia Evstafev

9.30-9.45          Consequences of androgen defects in HSD17B3 knockout mice; Arttu Junnila

9.45-10.00        Steroidomic analyses in men with prostate cancer; Julia Mathlin

10.00-10.15     Anti-inflammatory SHRMs, Anja Hjelt


10.15-10.45     Break/Refreshments


Chair Matti Poutanen

10.45-11.10     Mechanisms of androgen segment-specific androgen action in the epididymis; Petra Sipilä

11.10-11.30     Placental steroid synthesis and preelampsia, Kalle Rytkönen


11.30-12.00     Break/sandwich and coffee


TREMEDO seminar/ Chair Anja Hjelt

12.00-12.30     HNSCC as a model for studying cancer aggressiveness, Priyadharshini Parimelazhagan Santhi