IPP Seminar: Huhtaniemi and Martinez Nieto


February 23, 2024    
11:45 am
IPP Seminar: Huhtaniemi and Martinez Nieto

February 23rd at 12:00
On-site event
Lauren 2, Medisiina D1016
Spring 2024 program

Riikka Huhtaniemi
Androgen receptor-related therapy resistance

Guillermo Martinez Nieto
SUMOylation regulates epididymal androgen receptor protein interaction networks on chromatin in a segmentspecific manner

Chair ja opening words: Opeyemi Olotu

IPP seminar series covers the diversity of biomedical/medical research performed in Integrative Physiology and Pharmacology research unit in Institute of Biomedicine, University of Turku plus interesting talks by visitors from national and international research collaboration networks.