Cell-Mech mini-Symposium


May 13, 2022    
9:30 am - 11:45 am

May 13th at 09:30
On-site event
Pharmacity, Pha1 auditorium

09.30-09.40      Lea Sistonen, ÅAU
Opening Words

09.40-10.30      Ritwick Sawarkar, University of Cambridge, UK
                             Transcriptional Lockdown in Stressful Times

10.30-11.20        Anniina Vihervaara, KTH, SciLifeLAb, Sweden
                             Tracking Transcription Programs and Status of Engaged RNA Pol II at Nucleotide-Resolution

11.20-11.30        Lea Sistonen, ÅAU
Closing Remarks

12.00-                 Samu Himanen will defend his PhD thesis
                             Mechanisms of Nascent Transcription in Cell Stress
                             Dr. Ritwick Sawarkar will act as a Faculty Appointed Opponent