BioCity Symposium 2018 – Seeing the Invisible


August 23, 2018 - August 24, 2018    
All Day


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During the last two decades there has been a revolution in how we can observe the secrets of life itself. Now the hidden secrets of cells are unraveled by sophisticated microscopy techniques and normal development and the underlying causes of disease can be observed in live animals and in patients by advanced non-invasive medical imaging techniques.

The BioCity symposium 2018 “Seeing the Invisible” will show how fundamental cellular, molecular and medical discoveries have been enabled by the broad spectrum of biological and medical techniques that we have available. The symposium spans topics from basic cell biology to immunology, cancer, and neurobiology. The symposium will, through these seminal discoveries, also emphasize the evolution and range of biological and medical imaging techniques that continue to bring these innovations to light.

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Welcome everyone!