Frontiers of Science Seminars

Weekly Frontiers of Science (FoS) seminars bring BioCity Turku researchers together to listen to prominent international scientists. The Frontiers of Science seminar series was started in 1998. The aim is to bring top scientists to present their recent achievements on various fields ranging from biology, cell and molecular biology and biotechnology to material and computational sciences. Although the speakers are specialists, the lectures are usually given on moderately general level for their intelligibility.

The seminars are again arranged on-site only. You can attend only by showing up! No broadcasting, no recording and with good-old coffee and bread roll served at 11:45

If you wish to receive email reminders on the Frontiers of Science seminars, and other scientific events held in the BioCity Turku community, please contact coordinator at These reminders also include the BioCity Announcement, sent out every Monday. You can also follow us in Twitter @BioCityTurku.

Frontiers of Science seminars are organised by the eight research programs and the coordinator of BioCity Turku. InFLAMES Flagship is also included to increase the synergy. The chair of the organizing committee is Laura Elo (laura.elo (at)



FoS Committee members

BioMed: Chunlin Xu
CellCom: Guillaume Jaquemet
CompLifeSci: Outi Salo-Ahen
Field of View:  Pasi Kankaanpää and Tiina Saanijoki
MIRP: Arto Pulliainen
MIST: Pia Rantakari and Tapio Lönnberg
SmartBIO: Yagut Allahverdiyeva-Rinne and Henrik Grénman
TREMENDO: Aleksi Tornio
InFLAMES: Kaisa Hakkila
PhD Researchers: Rahul Biradar (UTU) and Jenny Pessa (ÅAU)

Nobel laureate, Professor Martin Chalfie, Columbia University, giving a talk in FoS seminar in spring 2012