Frontiers of Science Seminars

Weekly Frontiers of Science (FoS) seminars bring BioCity Turku researchers together to listen to prominent international scientists. The Frontiers of Science seminar series was started in 1998. The aim is to bring top scientists to present their recent achievements on various fields ranging from biology, cell and molecular biology and biotechnology to material and computational sciences. Although the speakers are specialists, the lectures are usually given on moderately general level for their intelligibility.

With current situation world wide all FoS seminars are arranged online as eTALKs. Registration to the seminars is obligatory and the Zoom invitation is sent via email one day prior the seminar. Please note that any audio or video recording of the seminars is strictly forbidden.

If you wish to receive email reminders on the Frontiers of Science seminars, and other scientific events held in the BioCity Turku community, please contact coordinator at biocityturku(at) These reminders also include the BioCity Announcement, sent out every Monday.

Frontiers of Science seminars are organised by the seven research programmes and the coordinator of BioCity Turku. The chair of the organizing committee is Laura Elo (laura.elo (at)


If you would like to suggest a world-class speaker to the Frontiers of Science Seminar series, please contact the FoS-representative of your research programme:

Advanced Bioresources and Smart Bioproducts – Towards Sustainable Bioeconomy:
Paula Mulo paula.mulo (at) and Henrik Grenman henrik.grenman (at)

Biomaterial and Medical Device Research Programme:
Pekka Vallittu  pekka.vallittu (at) and Leena Hupa leena.hupa (at)

Computational and Molecular Methodologies for Life Sciences:
Riikka Lund riikka.lund (at)

Diagnostic Technologies and Applications:
Elnaz Fazeli elnaz.fazeli (at)

Lifespan of Cardiovascular, Inflammatory, Endocrine & Metabolic Disorders ‐ LIFESPAN:
Laura Elo laura.elo (at) and Eriika Savontaus eriika.savontaus (at)

Receptor Programme:
Pieta Mattila
pieta.mattila (at)

Translational Infectious Disease and Immunity Research Programme:
Arto Pulliainen arto.pulliainen (at)

Doctoral programmes participating in organising the Frontiers of Science seminars:

Doctoral Programme in Biology, Geography and Geology BGG (UTU)
Doctoral Programme in Clinical Research (DPCR) (UTU)
Doctoral Programme in Molecular Life Sciences (DPMLS) (UTU)
Drug Research Doctoral Programme DRDP (UTU)
Finnish Doctoral Program in Oral Sciences FINDOS-Turku (UTU)
National Doctoral Programme in Informational and Structural Biology ISB (ÅAU)
Turku Doctoral Network in Molecular Biosciences MolBio (ÅAU)
Turku Doctoral Programme of Molecular Medicine TuDMM (UTU)

Doctoral programme representatives in the FoS organizing committee:

Alejandro Da Silva alejandro.dasilvanascimento (at)
Tiina Lehtiniemi tiina.lehtiniemi (at)

Nobel laureate, Professor Martin Chalfie, Columbia University, giving a talk in FoS seminar in spring 2012