Description of the research programme:

“Translational infectious disease and immunity research programme” is highly multidisciplinary and collaborative and it targets at all major areas of infectious diseases. The programme constitutes of three major work packages (WP), which focus on microbes, their characteristics and development of novel diagnostic tools (WP1), host immune responses, their contribution to innate and adaptive immune responses and immune-mediated diseases (WP2) and on clinical and experimental infectious disease research (WP3) that has a strong translational approach. The programme includes 25 research groups with altogether ca. 130 senior scientists, postdoctoral research fellows and under and postgraduate students. The research programme is fully intertwined with the University of Turku priority areas of diagnostics, drug research and imaging, which are being developed and utilized in all work packages. In addition, the research groups within the programme have tight collaborations with the biotechnological industry in the Turku area and elsewhere in Finland and abroad. The research programme is likely to contribute to better knowledge in microbes and diseases caused by them, understanding of disease mechanisms in infectious and immune-mediated diseases and improvement of patient care and diagnostics of infectious diseases. The programme will also provide more rational patient care and economical savings for the health care sector and contribute to further development of local biotechnological industry.