Description of the research programme:

The DTA research program consists of groups within University of Turku (UTU), Åbo Akademi University (ÅAU) and the Turku University Hospital. In order to translate the basic life science or medical findings into diagnostic biomarkers, assay formats and technology platforms applicable in highly variable and challenging real-life situations, competencies from several scientific areas such as chemistry, physics, biochemistry, biotechnology, clinical and laboratory medicine and engineering must be brought together. The research program specifically aims to promote and enhance this interdisciplinary collaboration, outlined also in the health sector growth strategy for research and innovation activities set by Finnish government and UTU and ÅAU in establishing the joint research profiling area on drug development and diagnostics.

A wide range of researchers and industrial partners representing different scientific disciplines, technological approaches and end-user aspects are brought together to jointly develop new diagnostic technologies, systems and timely applications. By supporting the high quality research and enhanced collaboration the multidisciplinary DTA program intends to address the challenges created by the following dynamic entities full of opportunities for the new generation diagnostics.

• New application areas and targets within Life Sciences and Medicine
• New technologies, test principles, instrumentation and platforms utilizing e.g. multimodal luminescence and imaging readout techniques
• Bringing the high performing tests out of the central laboratory
• Recognizing the emerging markets with their special requirements