Annual meeting

Lifespan research program online annual meeting 2020

Lifespan research program annual meeting is arranged June 10th online by means of Zoom.

Meeting is open to all Lifespan research program members.

Lifespan annual meeting will start with general morning session to give an overview of different technologies available at PET Centre, Turku Bioscience Centre, Turku Centre for Disease Modelling, Institute of Biomedicine core facilities. After the lunch break there will be online poster session held in Twitter followed by workshops for interest groups. Link to the full program:

Lifespan Annual Meeting Program

Please notice that it is still possible to register to present a poster at the Twitter poster session even if you have earlier registered for the meeting only! So, be active and present your research at first ever Lifespan online annual meeting!!

The poster session of the annual Lifespan meeting 2020 will be held in Twitter. The idea is to inspire general public with science and popularise some fabulous research!!! This is a perfect chance to practice how to generalise your message and make people excited about your research. You can sign up as poster presenter until June 8th. Then send your poster to by June 8th.

So, take on the challenge, prepare a Twitter poster, and make your work visible to the world!

Here’s some instructions for preparing the poster:

  • Poster template can be downloaded from UTU intra or – Use of this template is encouraged but optional. All posters should be in LANDSCAPE (horizontal) format. (The template is designed off of the #betterposter campaign circulating at many scientific meetings. The template aims to create an easy-to-scan, and learner-centric poster that minimizes an overload of text and highlights the main findings of a study. More information about the design of the poster template is available in this Youtube video.)
  • Make sure you use big enough fonts and that you do not put in too many details.
  • Remember that for general public it is easier to take in only one new thing at the time. So, consider picking your most important finding and building the poster around that. Highlight your main take away so that people cannot miss it.
  • Also, make sure people understand why this is important and explain why your findings matter.
  • Try to describe or visualise the methods as simply as possible.
  • Use plain language and avoid scientific jargon or difficult terms.
  • You may add links to your webpages, blog, or social media, where people can find more information. Remember to add contact details also.
  • Send your poster to by June 8th.
  • In Tuesday June 9th, create a Tweet with a short description and add your poster to it in PNG, JPG or GIF format. Use at least hashtags #UTULifespan2020, #uniturku, #aboakademi.
  • Be active in Twitter. Comment, discuss, and share each other’s posters! This is part of the social interaction of the annual meeting.