BioCity Turku Guest Seminars

BioCity Turku Guest Seminars as well as the Frontiers of Science seminar series bring top scientists to present their recent achievements on various fields of biology, cell and molecular biology and biotechnology. The BioCity Turku Guest Seminars are organized at shorter notice than the FoS series.

Turku BioNet Seminar Calendar (all type of seminars)

BioCity Turku Guest Seminars are organised by the seven research programmes and the coordinator of BioCity Turku:
• Advanced Bioresources and Smart Bioproducts – Towards Sustainable Bioeconomy
• Biomaterial and Medical Device Research Programme
• Computational and Molecular Methodologies for Life Sciences
• Diagnostic Technologies and Applications
• Lifespan of Cardiovascular, Inflammatory, Endocrine & Metabolic Disorders ‐ LIFESPAN
• Receptor Programme
• Translational Infectious Disease and Immunity Research Programme