Autumn 2022 programme

We are currently putting together the program for autumn 2022. If you are inviting a speaker you can suggest the available dates from here. This list is updated as reservations are made. First come first served.

October and November seminars are arranged on-site in BioCity, Presidentti auditorium at 12:00

Coffee and sandwich is served at 11:45

December seminars are “Frontier of Science meets Aurum” and are arranged on-site in Aurum at 12:00. Slots for the Aurum-seminars (1.12. and 8.12.) are not available for suggestions, but the speakers for them will be decided separately.

If you have any questions, please ask from



October 13th
Ana Teixeira, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden
Mapping and targeting membrane protein nanodomains
Host: Cecilia Sahlgren (


November 3rd
Prof. Gilles van Wezel, Leiden University, Netherlands
Ecology-inspired approaches towards antibiotic discovery in Actinobacteria
Prof. Jacques Neefjes, Leiden University Medical Center, Netherlands
Detoxifying anthracycline anti-cancer drugs for new treatment options of relapsed cancer patients
Host: Mikko Metsä-Ketelä (

November 10th
Prof. Christian Wolfrum
, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Adipocyte plasticity and its impact on metabolism
Host: Kirsi Virtanen (